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ALL SEVEN INCHES CD "All Seven Inches..." Working Class Records 2010 30 Tracks
PRIDE RESPECT SINCERITY CD "Pride, Respect, Sincerity" Compilation Interference Records 2002 Drink One For Armen
a case or pride CD "a case of pride" split with THE BOOKED Squigtone Records 2001 Bring 'em Back, Extinct, Anti-Social, Main St. USA, Wartime Victims
From Riot.. 7" "FROM RIOT TO INSURRECTION" Dim Records (Germany) 2000 Journalistic Truth, Jack, Pulling on the boots & Your attitude
GARAZ MAG CD "PUNKS SKINS & RUDE BOYS NOW VOL. 4" Garaz Magazine (Poland) 2000 What are you fighting for? & Johnny
Greasers CD "GREASERS, PUNKS & SKINS #2" Squigtone Records 2000 Journalistic Truth
Songs About Hate.. CD "SONGS ABOUT HATE, ANGER & THE AMERICAN WAY" Headache Records 1999 Too many to list! (18 songs)
Kill The Hippies 7" SQUIGGY / INFILTRATORS "split" Squigtone Records 1999 My Way, Double Standard, This Land Is Your Land
CD "EAST COAST OF Oi!" v/a Radical Records 1999 Welfare Case
Feeding Of The Proles CD "FEEDING OF THE PROLES" Comp. Patriotic Dissent Records 1999 What Are You Fighting For?
Exploited Tribute CD "A TRIBUTE TO THE EXPLOITED" Comp. Radical Records 1999 Fuck The Mods
Live on WFMU CD "LIVE ON WFMU" Squigtone Records 1999 (re-issue) Too many to list
Greasers, Punks & Skins CD "GREASERS, PUNKS & SKINS" Compilatiion Squigtone Records 1999 Somebody, Hands Of Time
Pure Punk CD "PURE PUNK" Compilation Cyclone Records 1998 Rockstar, Double Standard
Group Therapy CD "GROUP THERAPY" Compilation ODD Records 1998 Corporate, Jack
Live WFMU TAPE "LIVE ON WFMU" Squigtone Records 1998 Too many to list
Siege The Day CD "SIEGE THE DAY" Compilation Squigtone Records 1998 Hang The Lawyers, Pull The Trigger, Pulling On The Boots, Your Attitude
Middle Class Rebellion 7" "MIDDLE CLASS REBELLION" Headache Records 1998 Stand Up, Middle Class Rebellion, Johnny, Block By Block, Born Again?
Pull The Trigger 7" SQUIGGY / OUTSIDERS "split" Squigtone Records 1998 Pull The Trigger, Score One, What's Goin' On
Hang The Lawyers 7" SQUIGGY / Oi! SCOUTS "split" Squigtone Records 1997 Hang The Lawyers, Corporate, Jack
Oi! Skampilation CD "Oi! SKAMPILATION #3" Radical Records 1997 Get Out
Anti-Establishment 7" "ANTI ESTAB LISHMENT" Headache Records 1997 Dead End Kids, Anti-Establishment, Boots & Braces Studs & Leather, Go Home
Live At Franklin AML TAPE "LIVE @ FRANKLIN LEGION" Squigtone Records 1996 Too many to list
What Are You Fighting For? 7" "WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR?" Squigtone Records 1996 What Are You Fighting For?, Jack, Score One, Squatter Punk